The act of throwing out a number of bad ideas; unproductive brainstorming or "spitballing"
We were trying to figure out the best way to close the budget gap at our latest finance meeting, but Jenkins kept shitballing ideas like making fake unicorns and asking Jesus for help.
#spitballing #brainstorming #ideas #bad #productive
by dEd Grimley June 17, 2011
Top Definition
A man who likes to have anal sex with someone who has to drop a big log. This usually ends up with the cock and balls coated in shit. Dont try this on your parents bed kiddies.
I was shitballing my girl's anus on my parents bed and got feces all over the sheets. I didnt know she had a hot turd in the chamber when I started probing her with my fuckstick.
#shit #fuckstick #anus #turd #mess #feces #big log #parents bed.
by Dick driller January 06, 2009
When, during intercourse, the balls are inserted into the ass of the other partner, causing shit to get on the balls.
Me and Jen got drunk and we were shit balling all night!
#shit balled #shit balls #shitballs #shitballed #shit ballin' #ball stuffing
by Spongebobsquare April 12, 2010
The art of inadvertently sending innapropriate, profane emails to a customer of your employer, resulting in much embarassment and futile attempts at recalling said email.
"Uh oh...I've done it again. RECALL!! RECALL!!"

"Have you been shitballing again?"

"You better believe it."
#emailing #fired #work #p45 #sacked
by bozwellox October 07, 2009
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