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A word used to describe any situation that is indescribably fucked up. When used out of these dire situations, it is acceptable for the surrounding people to laugh and throw excrement. Whether "shit-screwed" is appropriate in a give situation is completely up to the present audience, and thusly should be used with caution.
Thing 1: Dick Cheney just loaded up my face with bird shot!
Thing 2: Ahhh, thats sucks dude. You got royally shit-screwed.

Thing 1: Don't I know it. That criminal fucking raped everything above my penis with his 12-guage.
by Mac____Crazy August 09, 2010
Another word for extremely screwed
Bryan: "Dude, you shouldn't have done that last night"

Josh: "Man I know, I'm so shitscrewed"
by Brycer August 15, 2010
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