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Ugly terrible shirts that you wear around the house, possibly after taking a shower, or when you are about to go to bed. Although very hideous, they can be quite comfortable
I can not go outside like this with my shit shirt!

My shit shirt is an ugly gray, large t-shirt with pictures of nascar on it.
by Emosoccerplayer March 14, 2010
when you're taking a shit and when you go to wipe you mistakenly grab the tail of your shirt with the toilet paper. if you're using the cheap rough toilet paper you might notice the texture difference right away and avoid getting a shit shirt paper. however if you're using the soft fluffy tp it is quite difficult to distinguish the two and when you go to drop the tp in the toilet you will notice it was you shirt you used and not the tp.
guy 1: what happened to your shirt?

guy 2: i had to take it off bcuz it's a shit shirt now. can't go around wearin a shit shirt and smellin like shit u know...
by AL-B in the 313 March 08, 2007
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