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The act of falling in such a way that you get instant whiplash on your way down and your face surges forward to meet the ground.
Robert fell of of his skateboard while grinding and got Shit whipped.
by Serothrine da HU fan December 02, 2011
Occurs when the tail-end of a substantial turd (i.e. a turd the size of a zucchini or larger) whips the back of your balls while you're sitting on the can.

Generally, the physics of a shit whip require that the head of the turd first makes contact with the bottom of the bowl, thus providing the turd with the necessary leverage to allow for a slow, frontward collapse. If the cosmos are aligned just right, the motion will carry the tail-end of the turd forward and it will whip the back of your balls on the way down.
"Dude, I just got shit whipped."
by nngaaaman January 21, 2009
When you find an unlocked car, you shit on the driver's seat. If you piss on the steering wheel, it's called "Sticky-fingered".
"Yo nigga, I just shitwhipped some deuchbag's car!"

"Oh my tits, someone shitwhipped and sticky-fingered my damn prius!"
by Ribstack and Huntarr October 01, 2011
When you try to bail out off a moving object (usually a skateboard), but somehow it lands under you and causes an instantaneous banana peel effect resulting in your head acting like the end of a whip against the ground. This often results in blacking out, blood, and feeling like complete shit.
John fell off the oververt and was shit whipped back into the bowl.
by jjfyer June 02, 2016
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