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Depositing fecal matter, (preferably in a toilet), closing the lid, and leaving it there for the next person to revel in. It can be a noun, as in: "man, that's some dope shit stew you got goin' in my mom' bathroom!, or a verb, as in: "Man, my mom got shit stewed six hour later!" When children do it, it's poop soup.
Friend 1: "Hey man, I had to take a shower this morning but first I had to shit."

Friend 2: "Okay, so what's the big deal?"

Friend 1: "Well, I didn't want to smell my shit while I was in the shower so I closed the lid."

Friend 2: "And you didn't want the water to be cold... I see where this is going..."

Friend 1: "Yep. I brought my girl friend home to watch some movies... She got Shit Stewed..."

Friend 2: "Bummer..."
by The Steward January 10, 2012
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