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A water pistol loaded with diluted fecal matter.
Helpful when heart-felt revenge is in order.
Not a recommended course of action in many circumstances.
1: "Man, I cheated on my wife and she soaked me with the shit pistol"

2: "Hey! That lady just hit my car and drove off, I'm gonna chase her down and spray her windows with my Shit Pistol."
#revenge #shit #gun #pistol #angry #water pistol
by wansambenlovin March 23, 2010
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Shit pistol = idiot,ass hat,retard etc. a random insult said between me and my friend in a conversation about metroid prime hunters.
Brandon : look at those sweet graphics
Brandon : *strokes teh pixels*
Callum : DEWD
Brandon : dude
Brandon i wrike
Brandon : fuck you
Brandon : lol
Brandon : you shit pistol
Brandon : roflfamo
Callum : roflfmao !
#idiot #retard #ass #ass hat #jackass
by o.o pewpew October 23, 2007
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