a piece of unwanted sticking up hair.
Alice: mayte you got some raw shirley
Becky: Shiaaaaaaaat, get the hairspray.
by Smalice pie April 06, 2009
A small penis. A shirley is typically less than three inches in length.
Whoa! Look at that Shirley!! That's gross!!
by Hoagie House2 May 24, 2008
A Shirley is a woman that USED to be a man. That means it looks like a chick, but it has a dick. A woman with a penis, a transvestite, a transsexual. It's used as a hint to your friends when you see an ugly girl walking or you call out 'Shirley' in a drunk mood to attract travesties.
"Sometimes I am kinky, but mostly I just end up drunk and naked with a Shirley."

"Look at that Shirley going!"

"I like your new girlfriend, she's a real Shirley!"

(to another girl:) "You are a Shirley, bitch!"
by kinky-koen August 26, 2009
To have an unnaturally small penis. One who shirleys has a penis which is at the bottom-lower end of the size spectrum.
I shirley; I need a penis enlarger.

by Hoagie House2 May 23, 2008
A town thats filled with dirtbags and potheads.
Shirley is a dirty ass town.
by Dirthead December 06, 2005

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