Crap ass town on Long Island
They live in Shirley, On long island.
by Blah Blah February 28, 2005
A black plastic refuse bag named after dame Shirley Bassey
1. She's black
2. She's a bag
Oi nip to the shop and pick us up some Shirleys
by Bellend123 June 25, 2010
A man who is too heavy to hang off a standard clothes line.
"He just broke my clothes line, what a Shirley"
by Hillshoystowner February 20, 2010
a piece of unwanted sticking up hair.
Alice: mayte you got some raw shirley
Becky: Shiaaaaaaaat, get the hairspray.
by Smalice pie April 06, 2009
A small penis. A shirley is typically less than three inches in length.
Whoa! Look at that Shirley!! That's gross!!
by Hoagie House2 May 24, 2008
A type of common, low quality grazing animal with a fondness to ethanol. Found mainly around the mid-land of England, particularly Stoke. A shirley can be found migrating to a Pub or other such alcohol distributing place, e.g hanley duck.

I was in Stoke last week, just so happened to see a `Shirley` in the town center. Nice hair i thought!!
by Rs-Liam February 15, 2008
A slang term used to describe behavior related to homo-phobia.

A term used to decribe a man that is homosexual but trying to pass as straight.

a term associated with a frustraited man who refuses to accept he is gay, and the subsequent behavior that this frustration produces
"What is wrong with Mike? He is acting like a total SHIRLEY."

"Up, Shirley is a gay"

by Bdoc August 04, 2007
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