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interj. An exclamation that can be used to express affirmation. Much like "cool!" or "neat!" but with a sexier twist to it.

Note: derives from the conjunction (shibby + kinky)

Person A: "My boner is ten inches long."
Person B: "Shinky!"
by whorebasket69 March 25, 2008
Meaning to get some action..get it on..get down...have sex.

Are you in the mood for some "shinky shinky?"
by brags May 20, 2007
euphemism for the word "shit", used in every colloquial form that the word shit, or crap, is used. Generally not used to refer to actual merde.
Ah, shinkies, I left my keys. In there. With the monster. Crap.
by grim_jim_twilley September 01, 2010
cross between a handshake and a pinky swear, usually involves 3 people; one person to handshake, one person to pinky, and the last person who simultaniously does both.
he used a shinky to really earn our trust.
by ashtley May 27, 2007
Characteristically shiny and awesome
"Girl, that bracelet is totally shinky!"
"Oh man, those lights are so shinky!"
"You totally shinkinized your car!"
by Amy O'Keefe May 06, 2008
Another word for Shit or poo poo stinky
Monday Shinky Day !!!
by Lynda Lou September 20, 2006
Shinky is a mixture between kinkiness and shneakyness, used to describe sneaky souls caught in the act of being kinky such as taking a hawt shower with your indian budddy while her twin sister is in the next room....
twin to dad - I saw her sneaking him upstairs to have a shower together, she snuck him in through the cat flap!
dad - my daughter is so goddam shinky!
by mettisemi December 20, 2010
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