A session of intense thought while on the shitter.
"Hey Bill, any thoughts on what our bid for the MacGregor contract should be?"

"Chuck, I'm still not sure. Let me take a shink and get back to you."
by Flix September 25, 2008
Top Definition
the sound uttered when producing (or making the motion of producing) a blade, expandable baton, or other metallic object, usually a weapon.
Check out this shiv I just got. *Shink*
by elemental June 27, 2005
To take a shit in someone's sink and leave it.
The party sucked so I left a shink to let them know.
by MeLaramie March 08, 2011
Acronym - Single, high-income, no kids. The best kind of single person out there.
That girl is a S.H.I.N.K.; you should totally get her number.
by SHINKtastic February 25, 2011
Short for Shinkansen, the Japanese Bullet train. Often used by foreigners living in Japan.
We are taking the shink to Tokyo next weekend, want to come?

Yeah, it's expensive, but we still want to shink it, it's the fastest way to go.
by Rogue_7 February 10, 2009
Some sort of tattoo that is either corny, too far into the avante garde or just plain terrible to look at.

Derived as a contraction of 'SHI'tty and i'NK', best quantified as a Tattoo that someone should never have had. Or even as a tattoo that noone should ever have had or no tattoo artist should ever have cast to skin.

. Similar to, but not exclusely from, Tramp Stamp, Twat Badge or Slag Tag.

It is important to point out that in the 21st century, neither Tramp Stamp or Slag Tag are gender biased, although the wearers of such shink may think that it may be the case.
'Dave' : "Have you seen Henry's shink, he's well proud but i think it's one of the ugliest tat's i've seen".
Dave#2 : "Dog, you think Hen's is bad, look at Dave#3's. He's got eight dolphins carrying two panthers on a butterfly with some Celtic stuff."
Dave#4: " That's shink of the highest order..."
by Snowcaller February 22, 2015
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