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The act of showing off your bling or expensive thing that glistens or "shines" in the light that is a sign you have excessive amounts of money (Rims, diamonds, gold, silver, etc.)
"Everyday a new whip hommie, So you know I gets my shine on"- Birdman in his song 100 Million

"Is that some new ice, man?"
"Yeah, I'm gettin' my shine on"

"But you always looking cause I'ma shine, thats right"- Lil' Wayne
by LordNMac April 20, 2009
A phrase that rhymes with everything and can be used as an alternate to lyrics of all songs
Guy #1: Hey man, i heard that new song on the radio today. It goes something like this: "Shine on, Shine on, sh-sh-shine on".
Guy #2: Oh yeah, amazing lyrics.
by TsiLLarkaS May 15, 2011
It is went a guy ejaculates on a chicks face and then the guy slaps giltter swiftly on the face were he ejaculated.
Dude 1: Did you get with Tisha last night?

Dude 2:Yeah Man! I shine on her with raindow giltter.

Dude 1: Yeah she likes rainbow giltter.
by mizzjizz86 March 05, 2008
When a person dances or grinds as in getin their shine on
"ima show u how to get yo shine on" - Turn It Up - Chamillionaire
by BooBaby May 01, 2006