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An alternation of the name "chyla", Shila is meant to be one of the prettiest human beings to have ever walked the Earth. If you know a Shila, you should be proud of yourself. Shila is the bottom of the rainbow, she's the prettiest girl ever. You can't find a Shila, it's too hard, but once you find her, you will gain good luck for the rest of her life. If however, you find her and not keep her, she'll find a way to ruin your life forever.
Jason found Shila at a young age. He won the lottery the day after he married her, and the strange thing is that he never even bought a ticket. Three days later, his boss retired and made him the head of the company.
by WadaH February 06, 2010

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A compound mixed with a partial abreviation of three words. The roots are "Shit" "At" "Last". A word to be used with caution when around superiors or those who represent the educational administration.
Joe: "Im done..."
Mike: "Shilas man!"
by Josh Winter November 19, 2005