A word often meaning oops or crap.
Man 1:"How did your exam go?"

Man 2:"I shiatzued up on the last question."

*Man drops a vase*

Man:"Shiatzu, thats my mum's new vase!"
by Phat3oy November 19, 2004
Top Definition
1. Interjection Expression of failure, disappointment, rage, etc.
'Shiatzu! I forgot to buy hot dog buns!'

2. Adjective A term to describe an unfavorable or disadvantageous situation.
'The movie last night was total shiatzu'

3. Adjective Describes incompetence in doing something.
'He was shiatzu at playing the game'

4. Noun General slang for 'stuff' or 'things'
'Don't leave all your shiatzu in my car'

Common Idiomatic Uses:
give a shiatzu - to be concerned about
holy shiatzu - same as 'shiatzu' but more intensified
(to be in) deep shiatzu - deep trouble
shiatzu happens - when I


A derivative of 'shit' and 'Shiatsu' (a kind of Japanese massage therapy) - although the actual definition has no relevance to the latter, it evokes humor to a certain extent. The true origins are unknown but it is likely it was created to bypass the censoring filters in certain forums.
'Oh shiatzu, I forgot my keys'
'He knew he was in deep shiatzu when the cops approached him'
'The remote control was shiatzu - it had bad reception'
'I left all my shiatzu in the other room!'
by tonaayy August 22, 2009
a synonym for the word 'shit,' originally said by Amir on collegehumor, but now used by many cool people around the world.
olivia is the shiatzu

this cake is the shiatzu
by psherman95 April 13, 2010
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