The ONLY person that has managed to escape Disney's evil grasp and has actually become a respectable actor.
Shia LaBeouf was the main character in the Transformers move so he can't be all that bad.
by Cane Fox August 15, 2008
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When a man defecates into a woman's mouth and then stirs it around with his erect penis.
"Dude, this chic I was with last night was a total freak! She let me give her a Shia Labeouf!"
by T-Mo aka Poopman December 29, 2008
The latest actor Hollywood is raping up the ass. Appears in every other movie this side of Vancouver, particularly as pointless side characters as in 'I-Robot' and 'Indiana Jones'. If this guy is even considered for a second to appear in the next Batman movie, I'll send Warner Brother's my own shit in the mail
Guy 1: Man, how many movies is Shia Labeouf actually in?

Guy 2: At this exact moment, 12. He plays The Joker's pointless friend in The Dark Knight, Benjamin Button's pointless friend in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and Jamal's pointless friend in Slumdog Millionaire

Guy 1: Man he's so versatile

Guy 2: I know, his pallete also includes Will Smith's pointless friend in I-Robot and Harrison Ford's pointless sidekick in Indiana Jones
by Azz2801 February 22, 2009
An individual who fornicates with robots.
Joe- " hey, did dave just walk into the bathroom with the new edition of popular robotics and a bottle of lotion?
Tom- " yeah, didn't you hear? he's a big time shia Labeouf.
by FomeDe September 01, 2009
A substiture for the curse word s#!t. "With cheese" can sometimes be used to the end to enhance the meaning
Holy shi......alabeouf with cheese.
This tastes like shia labeouf.
by Dr. Wheelo November 03, 2010
Shia Labeouf is an american actor sexually affiliated with actor/comdeian Andy Samberg. The two have had an ongoing relationship since April 2007 when they met when Shia hosted SNL.While neither claims to be 100% gay, they claim to be in love. "We have wild and crazy sex!" confirms the boys.Shia and Andy are also known for having threesomes with a "thirs partner"
"Did you hear about those boys at the party?"
"Oh yeah I hear the went totally Shia Labeouf- Andy samebrg!
"Yep, they had wild and crazy guy sex!"
by the third partner March 19, 2009
a shit
I need to take a fat Shia Labeouf.
by shittaker79 July 19, 2010

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