Shia Labeouf is an american actor sexually affiliated with actor/comdeian Andy Samberg. The two have had an ongoing relationship since April 2007 when they met when Shia hosted SNL.While neither claims to be 100% gay, they claim to be in love. "We have wild and crazy sex!" confirms the boys.Shia and Andy are also known for having threesomes with a "thirs partner"
"Did you hear about those boys at the party?"
"Oh yeah I hear the went totally Shia Labeouf- Andy samebrg!
"Yep, they had wild and crazy guy sex!"
by the third partner March 19, 2009
A hollywood star that has changed quite a bit over the years, mainly due to the intake of... Cocaine.
"I rock it like a novice but I rock it like a rocket doe." - Shia Labeouf
by your basic needs October 20, 2015
The exact moment where you are taking a shit and you fart simultaneously.
I had some mean curry last night. Do you have a toilet brush? Because that toilet needs a serious scrub after my messy Shia Labeouf
by tzchworbus February 26, 2014
Shia, Shia, Shia. Only one of the hottest actors ever!

*His name means "Thank God for beef"
Favorite Quote: What's living if you never pull down your shorts and slide down the ice?
by Andie Featable December 25, 2003
The HOTTEST disney actor who ever lived.
by CanadianChild May 17, 2003
1. Hey! That guy is a total Shia Labeouf!

2. Shia Labeouf!

3. Shia Labeouf is a Shia Labeouf.

4. Shia Labeouf's parents are Shia Labeoufs for giving him such a hard ass name to spell twenty times over!
by Lorelai Parker November 04, 2009
Origin of word: Former Disney star who turned A-lister overnight.

When someone does something clever or cool, it is so Shia LaBeouf.
I just made a whole house out of toothpicks! That is so Shia LaBeouf
by Pamela1 October 10, 2007

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