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Panicing while repeating the word "No".
Man 1: No, no, no, no, no, no!

Man 2: Why are you Shia LaBeoufing?

Man 1: My girlfriend's pregnant!

Man 2: Oh shit...
by @00freshman November 08, 2011
Stuttering. Just like Shia LeBeouf in the Transformers series.
That guy was Shia-LaBeoufing when he talked.
by I'm from Hong Kong! September 09, 2014
Used when you or someone unintentionally stalks a person or persons, of any gender or race. Usually done when a person or persons exhibit great skill in completion of a task or ware. Most commonly A one time occurrence.
Luke: Yo man! Did you see that guy shovel that snow in that big-ass tractor!?
John: Yeah man! I was totally Shia LaBeoufing him!
by sonic3ze December 07, 2014
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