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A religious group that worships by drinking lots of hot chocolate and then shitting the next day.
I am a member of the shi'ite Shislamic Community.
by camorrow December 11, 2006
A sect of the Islam religion, very exremist and conservative, they're like the conservatives of America, they also are the ones who responsible for the attacked on 9/11, they funded the suicide pilots, and are responsible for the car and train bombings in Israel and London. They follow the Koranh to the letter, pray 5 times a time, treat women like property and make them wear those hoods and basically are one of the causes in the War of Middle East. The Shi'ite's want to dominate the other 2 sects Kurds and Sunnis, Sunnis are more laid back and modern and the Kurds are a small sect but non-violent, the US should basically bomb the hell outta Iran, the main concentration of Shi'ites, that or split the Middle East in 3 sects for each sect of Islam, so there wouldn't be more fucking fighting there and declare Jerusalem a holy city so they could stop fighting over it w/ the Israelies.
Shi'ite's= radical extremist group
by B.Frost August 15, 2005