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When an overly masculine individual who is obviously compensating for their insecurities is acting stupid, or engaging in WWE style puffery, you tell them to cry. This of course is an obvious threat to their fragile psyche and infuriates them to no end.
Example 1:
Compensating Individual: "At least I'm not some sally suzzy bags like you fart garglers."
You: "Shh, cry. Griffin cry."
Compensating Individual: "What the hell are you talking about?"
You: "Griffin cry."

Example 2:
Overly Masculine Compensating Individual: "When are you panty wastes going to go to the gun range?"
You: "Shh cry, just let it all out."
Overly Masculine Compensating Individual: "What?"
You: "Griffin cry."
by justcry September 07, 2013
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