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The act of having sex with a little person from behind in the anus and pulling out with such force, she craps the bed, much like a pony
Dude, last night I picked up this midget and gave her the Shetland Pony. Good thing it was her bed
by Davollin December 08, 2008
When a man shaves his head hair and glues it to his penis, making his penis look like a Shetland pony
Hey girl, you wanna ride my Shetland pony?
by InternalMooseMD November 24, 2013
The smelliest fucking horse on earth.
Damn it Robby! Smells like a damn Shetland Pony in here! Durrp!
by Jornibo September 24, 2008
The sexual act of holding your partners wrists behind her as you preform 'doggie style' sex and lowering her up and down your shaft, building up speed.
I told my girlfriend I was going to give her a Shetland Pony for her Birthday and she got very excited.
by UberBad March 17, 2005
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