Sherranda is a derivative name for the fallen chief Sherando (Sherando Lake) coming from the Virginia area (Shenandoah area - "Daughter of the Stars").

1) It's from Indian etymology as (Schin-han-dowi) Schinhandowi, meaning "River through the Spruces".

2) It's from (On-an-da-goa) Onandagoa, meaning "River-of-High Mountains" or as "Silver-Water".

3) It's from the Iroquois Skahentowane, meaning "Great Meadow" or "Valley".
Sherranda, the "Daughter of the Stars" for the river has its sources in high mountains, and on a clear night in those high mountains the stars seem very close indeed.
by Raffielo February 05, 2010
Top Definition
Sherranda acts through Spiritual healing which she dispenses beautified Love and makes all of your Dreams come true.
Thx Sherranda, I love U !
by BeautifulKiss February 05, 2010

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