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a joint which has been dipped in "embalming fluid". most people call it embalming fluid but in truth, it's PCP which is something different. when smoked it produces a hallucinogenic high where a lot of the time you lose control of yourself.
yo mamma smokes sherm sticks
by stoopidgreg November 04, 2003
A cigarette, often a Newport, dipped in liquid PCP(wet).
We gotta head up to Camden & get us some shermsticks, then we can get off the hizzy tonight!
by LakituInCamdenNJ January 05, 2007
Origin unknown. Used to describe a person who is extremely skinny or thin in stature.
"Man that girl is a shermstick! She is hella skinny"
by D-Money April 21, 2004
Ok, everyone, SHERM is a cigarette dipped in formaldahyde, which is embalming fluid. It is not PCP. A sherm stick will run you ten dollars per cigarette in LA, and you will probably have to provide your own, so make sure it's a 100 type cigarette. If it's a good one, it will be soaked and probably wrapped in aluminum foil. Do not drive and smoke a sherm stick. It is a lot like being totally drunk on acid and meth at once and lasts several hours.
Smoking a sherm stick will make you very retarded for several hours. Just try to keep your clothes on.
by yay area classic September 20, 2006
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