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name used to describe a person who is very chill. he/she likes to relax and have a good time. calm in most cases, but can be serious when he/she wants to.
John: have you meet the new guy?
Matt: yeah dude, he is so sheran.
by awesomenickname1 January 18, 2011
Alternate spelling for the name Sharon.
Miguel: Aye do you know Sharon?

Habib: Who?

Miguel: You know Sharon! The girl in our class!

Habib: Naw not catching on?

Miguel: Sharon!

Habib: Oh? You don't mean Sharon, you mean Sheran!

Miguel: I didn't know her name was Sheran and not Sharon! Why does she spell it that way!

Habib: I don't know? Maybe her dad saw her run!.... Anyways now you know!
by Ineedabettersn2 May 20, 2009
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