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A Shenzhen Showbag is a bag full of Shenzhen Specials.

Various 'Deal a Day' web sites around the world will offer a 'Bag of Crap' or a 'Bag of Pooki' every now and then, which is basically stuff they had left in the warehouse and need to shift to make way for more Shenzhen Specials.

Typically you'll pay $30 for a Shenzhen Showbag which probably has a real value of maybe $5.

"Whadya get in ya Shenzhen Showbag?"

"Um, a USB hub, a USB vibrator and a USB "How to USB' guide-book on USB."

"Whadya gonna do with it all?"

"Give it to you for Xmas.."
by Icedvovo46 March 14, 2009
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