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your penis, but when you pull it out of your pants you make a metalic sheen kind of sound.
i had to slash like a powerful horse so i pulled out my shenis and made some japenese ninja sounds.

i slayed the grumpy mr jeffersons porch with my shenis
by tom habel August 02, 2007
I can see my shenis!
by kerrysan September 13, 2008
The finger a woman uses to pleasure herself
It's best to keep the fingernail of the shenis short for proper rogering
by Loooch December 07, 2006
When a woman has a penis. She may also have a vi-vi but she must definately have boobs. (or else they would be a man!)
I dont just have a pussy...I have a shenis too. dammmnnn
by Mr. Howards english class February 26, 2003