When a woman has a penis. She may also have a vi-vi but she must definately have boobs. (or else they would be a man!)
I dont just have a pussy...I have a shenis too. dammmnnn
by Mr. Howards english class February 26, 2003
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When a woman has something in her pants/vaginal region that appears to look like a penis in the pants
Hillary named her shenis rainbowpatch cause it talks to the dead and has three balls
by BabyG February 26, 2003
The Shenis is a FUD, (Female Urinary Device) to stand and pee. It is 12" long, hard plastic, a funnel opening to pee through, and a hole at the head for liquid to exit. It is handy for camping, road trips, and boating.
When it comes to standing to pee, the Shenis is the best FUD on the market to accomplish the task.
by kiki Curry November 27, 2007
you know what a chick with a dick is.....

its what you call her dick
my friend william K. was penetrated by a shenis.... we will pray for him
by D.O. Double April 08, 2010
The female equivalent to a mangina.

My shenis is bigger than yours!!

The clown has NO shenis

As the stripper took off her panties she revealed her huge black shenis.
by FuckHerRightInThePussy February 22, 2014
noun: When a woman's clitoris is large enough you have to double check it's all the right equipment before diving in. Dynamically opposite to a mangina.
Holy crap! Your shenis scared me for a moment, but it's all good now.
by Pagan Ram March 07, 2010
1.) A penis of a man who is currently a women.

2.) A woman who looks like a man
1.) When I fuck that girl I hope she doesn't have a shenis!

2.) Look at that shenis jogging around the block!
by boy_you_bigg January 22, 2010
A shenis is the penis of a non operative male to female transsexual.
My shenis is small but it still works.
by MiMi Deeeeee August 21, 2009

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