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A letter, telegram, email, text message, etc. sent to someone with the intentions to create shenanigins or mischief.

A deceitful trick or prank. An underhanded act.
I just sent sussie a shenanigram saying I saw her boyfriend kissing another woman! To bad its not true, I really want her to break up with him.

I got my old boss fired when I sent him a shenanigram while he was in an important business meeting. I wish I could have seen his face when the messenger guy stripped down to a tiny speedo, and did an erotic dance right in his face while he sang him Cindy Lauper's "True Colors"...... I really hate that douche bag
by (MRM) shenanigram April 08, 2009
A playful, mischievous delivery of some kind of funny present. Cross between "shenanigans" and some kind of "-gram," like a candygram. Similar to "prank."
Jeff: "Did you give Ashley the spring-loaded box rigged with the cream pie?"

Derek: "Shenanigram delivered."
by DuckyKingyboy January 24, 2010
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