slang for the illegal substance Marijuana
"Dude i got some shenanigans."

"Hey lets go do some shenanigans."
by shenanigizer January 14, 2009
Pronounciation: She-nann-AH-ginns

Definition: Someone who is blissfully unaware of how ugly he or she really is. This is often used as a trash-talking codeword.
Lydia (to her group of friends): OH MY GOD, did you guys see Sindy Snartmann's short skankhoe skirt?!?

Idiot friend #1: Uh chyeah, she's so not cool.

Idiot friend #2: I think Sindy's pretty rad & all..she did offer three guys blowjobs, even though they said no.
( idiot friend #2 gets slapped)

Lydia: Whatever, Idiot number two. I still think she's a boatload of shenanigans.
by the aquabats October 24, 2006
shaneual, britney, and aleksandra
shenanigans is shane ally and britney, aka sexy mother fuckeroos
by Shenanigans Shane January 10, 2008
a pre rolled joint, instant fun
Ah man, were running low on Shenanigans
by Arend May 30, 2007
Baseball Bat Abortion
"I was going to have a kid, but I had a miscarriage. My boyfriend hit me in the stomach with a baseball bat."

by CJAO July 10, 2008
Referring to the marijuana or cannibis plant.
"Yo Ryan, lets go smoke some shenanigans."
by Rob Engle August 28, 2005
The name of a game played 24/7/365 by people who know of its existence. The game is played by first saying "Shenanigans", then, the person who said it is allowed to hit or otherwise hurt anyone within earshot of them at the time that they said it. The main target tends to be the groin on males and the chest on females. People who are within earshot when "Shenanigans" is said must say the word "Mulligan" as soon as they hear it to prevent being a target. If someone is hit either before or while you are saying the word "Shenanigans" or after they have said "Mulligan", you are considered to have cheated and they get a free hit on you. Note that saying "Shenanigans" lasts indefinately until each person within earshot has said "Mulligan"
Bob: "SHENANIGANS!" *smacks Tom in the groin*


*Bob hits Tom in the groin*
Tom: oooh, that's a free hit! *smacks Bob in the groin without penalty.*
by Eric February 08, 2005

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