Fiesty fun with jokes & rowdy behavior.
I can just tell that shenanigans will occur tonight.
by Starchylde June 04, 2016
Another way to call BS.
"Would you like to call shenanigans?"
"Yes Alex, I'll take shenanigans for 400."
by hswbdiuw January 26, 2008
Used as an interjection, "Shenanigans!" denotes a person or event suspect of unscrupulous or dishonest conduct. If one believes they bear witness to such an occurrence, they should immediately call "shenanigans!" to draw attention to it.
There's no way he could have done that by himself...I call shenanigans!
by TheLastMuse July 16, 2008
1. Silly Business
Gat durn it you hooligans! Stop with the shenanigans!
by zBurd October 18, 2009
Tomfoolery, mischief, or other nefarious activities, often illegal
Tom: hey i'm having people over this saturday. we're going to kidnap a stripper. wanna come?

Bill: i don't know... i'm not usually one for shenanigans
by jibblesqid December 02, 2010
A term used to call out acts of tomfoolery, or devious trickery.

Sometimes applied to the actions of Peter Griffin from Family Guy.
Cleveland: "what the hell?! No, no, no, no, no, no, NO!
... I gotta stop taking my baths during Peter's Shenanigans...."


"Wait a minute, what happened to my chicken nuggets?

I call shenanigans!"
by Haywood Jasuckme September 29, 2009
Shenanigans is the universal law of the universe, the law consist of just uttering the word shenanigans and any argument you are in you automatically win no question's asked.
The rule of shenanigans can be summed up as "I Win, You Lose, Fuck You!"
If you are getting robbed and the robber has a gun to your head, and you call shenanigans. The robber is obligated to put the gun down and walk away.

"Why the hell is there a bomb in your luggage?"
"Oh Snap! Hurry up then, the planes about to leave..."
by UniversalLaw May 11, 2010
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