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To manipulate or transform through shenanigans and/or tomfoolery
Gent 1: Dude, why is the refrigerator inside the couch?

Gent 2: You ate my left overs, so I decided to shenaniganize the hell out of your fridge. We're even now.
#pranking #ratting #shenanigans #shenaniganeyes #bachelor party
by Doc Balance June 12, 2012
Shenaniganize ( shuh – nan- i – gan- ayze):

-verb Informal

1. The act of creating a shenanigan; mischief; prankishness; trickery.
2. Doing a mischievous or deceitful trick, practice, etc.
3. A playful act.
After remembering past tales of glorious JR stories, she remarked “ Does he still Shenaniganize like days past.”
#mischeif #prank #trickery #playful act #decitful trick
by The Loctor April 27, 2010
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