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Mandarin Chinese for "What". When used in English, can be the equivelant of "what" or "huh". When used for "huh", shen ma is emphasized the same facial expressions as "huh" - ie. confused.

When spoken, MA is pronounced as a very quick MAH, and is of a higher tone than SHEN. It is accepted if both are said in a relatively flat tone. Both SHEN and MA should be said quickly but audibly.
When used as "what"

A: Hey, guess what?
B: Shen ma?
A: I just got my results back


When used as "huh"

A. I saw my girlfriend with her ex again today.
B. Shen ma?
A. Yeah, she told me it was over, but she was all over him.
by Nayfan December 11, 2008

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