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A beatiful place located near the hamptons but poeple are less snoby, its less crowed, prettier, and the houses are smaller. People spend they're days hanging out at the yacht club. People there are known to be amazing sailors and amazing people.
"Were are you from?"
"Shelter Island."
"Oh i love that place its soooooooooo pretty."
#siyc #sailing #hamptons #greenport #beautiful
by Starb August 02, 2007
A small shitty island located in between long island's north and south forks. It's full of freaks and I would stay as far away as possible as they will probably shoot you on sight. There are crazies and rabid raccoons roaming around everywhere.
Please don't vacation on Shelter Island!! My best friend was lured there last year and he came back with rabies, covered in ticks. He got lyme disease and died a few weeks later.
#greenport #jersey shore #rabies #lyme disease #death #freaks #snagglefritz
by gummybearbrain December 06, 2010
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