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A name usually given to a girl child by her vague & inconsequential hippy parents. Meant to be Shell-Sea instead of Seashell (which is really what they wanted to name her, but were afraid she would be teased in school) it was mis-spelt in a marijuana induced haze.

Most Shelsea's will be somewhat wild, angry at the world (especially the government), & have a penchant for the unconventional & even criminal.

Shelsea's often have long curly ringlet type hair that when kept picked apart & smooth will resemble the ears of a cocker spaniel. They will also notably have prominent eyes, a small nose & full lips with buck teeth.
Poor Shelsea, she could have been named Seashell & everyone would think she had a such a cool name now, these days.
by pookita September 02, 2009
23 57
any kind of skeez or skeet skeet that sits at the corner of any local 4th street hooker bar.
dont let that damn shelsea in.
by Shelsea April 07, 2008
11 57