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Shelly is the girlfriend that you took for granted. When you break up with her, her sexiness will drive you crazy. Stay with Shelly!
Dumbass: Finally!! I broke up with Shelly so I can go out with Jessica!!

Dumbass(two weeks later): Shit man... I broke up with Shelly... FML
by Timmy Bonjangle Schmidt April 17, 2009
620 240
A nickname usually given to amazing girls with great personalities, these girls are known to be stunningly gorgeous, beautiful inside and out, fun, out-going, spontaneous, and sexy. Shelly's are also known to be the best girlfriends and the best in bed. Shelly can be used as an adjective to describe something incredibly awesome, entertaining, and astounding.
Everyone wants a friend named Shelly!

What you did was so Shelly.

If only you were a Shelly.

That's right, Shelly is my girlfriend.
by JoWaSh May 23, 2008
1375 369
a generally nice cute and sweet girl/boy who loves to smile
also loves to help others
BOB: woahh did you see that shelly girl?

JOE: hell yeahh shes so sweet and cute... i just wanna bang the $h!t outta her! no lie man

BOB: wow... i was just sayin she looked cute

JOE: my bad man my bad
by Annie Shakran March 23, 2008
730 300
The most amazing and sexy girl in the world. Has long luscious locks of golden blonde hair and long beautiful legs. Usually a model or amazing athlete. Has great taste in clothes and guys. Guys go nuts over her.
nick: hey have u seen the new girl shelly
fisher: ya she's banging
by NickBoyceisawiener November 12, 2010
188 145
A really awesome friend. The nicest most honest person around. A lover of rap musc. Very pretty blonde girl. Probably a german.
She's my best friend" "oh,she's your shelly.
by judenewyork May 13, 2011
110 90
One hot bitch...but she is a lazy fat one at that! When disturbed approach with extreme caution for she will move with the grace of a walrus. She wears clothes that are too tight and revealing, but still reveals her extreme hotness.

Once a year she moves to the outside world for migrating season. This is a very emotional time for a shelly as it can only find one brad out of hundreds. Once she has found her brad she then mates and moves back to her final resting place. 2 years from that time a small fetus grows inside of her until she releases it into the milo tin where it slowly sheds its powderised liquid crap which form the weak as shit milo.
Look at that Shelly, what's it doing with that milo tin?
by Shezza@hot November 22, 2012
25 62
A word defining that time of the month. Personifies extreme moods, and hyper random activity. Can be used as an adjective for both females and metrosexual men.

Also known as a synonym for foursomes,wild sexual activity and heavy alcohol usage.
Oh whats wrong with her ? Nothing, she is going through a Shelly.

I just had a shelly man, it was awesome !
by Mahuda December 13, 2010
55 131