adidas shoes
I got shell toes on I don't wear them Tims ~Knoc-Turn'Al~
by Ish March 16, 2004
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ADIDAS super star shoes, popularized in the early begginings of hip-hop culture. Worn mostly by emcees,dj's,B-Boys and Taggers.
Damn,Tony just got a fresh pair of SHELLTOES, what a pimp.
by NOVA December 03, 2003
Adidas shoes with the toe of the shoe that is a large rubber cap that has lines running along it, making it look like a shell. Found commonly on the Adidas Superstar and Superstar II's.
I'm just a sneaker pro, I love Pumas and shell toes. ~ Nelly
by Shadow (Merc.) February 24, 2006
Addias sneakers. Called these because the tips resmeble shells.
Motherfucker check out yo shelltoes yo!
by DizzyLizzy January 21, 2007

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