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Shelga- A beastly Shelly or Shelby, that can kick your butt hardcore. They have amazing butts and will most likely prank call you. Enjoy dates to Olive Garden and messing with Jason from Good China. See also;the three B's: Beast, Boss, and Beautiful. Likes: Blowing bubbles in jacuzzi, Beards made of bubbles, bras, boobs, baginas, bunnies, boys, Chris Giusti, poop, all kinds of poop, step brothers, jews with yamikas. Dislikes: Fat people, asians, balls, chodes, beaners, Dillon O'donnell, Jason suckalotawiena, unsanitary people, creepy perverts,nerds, noobs.
"woah don't mess with her! Thats a Shelga!"

"Its a bird, its a plane, no wait! it's Shelga!"

"Shut up stupid! Don't make me go all Shelga on your ass!"

"HELLLOOOOO! Das ist Shelga!"
by Shelga February 03, 2010
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