awesome shelby
Shelby is a very pretty person, she has a great personality, she is very funnyy, hunny she'll make you laugh till you cry or either pee on yourself, she is taken by David Chadwick Coffey, but if you mess with her we will be glad to kick your butt(: gott it dont mess wiff uss
by stick that in your juice boxx February 14, 2010
Dirty girl
That prostitute was such a shelby
by Candy Striper July 11, 2009
Someone that is more redheaded than me. And shorter, with curlier hair. And awesome.
My bestfriend is a total Shelby. Because, well, she is Shelby.
by ilovebiologia January 24, 2009
-too long to get ready
-takes 30 minutes to get ready for bed
-make-up glued to hip
-cant live with or without
"shit i forgot my 20 pound make-up bag"

by keltttttttttttttsey March 20, 2008
she's blonde, depsite the dye and is playing harmonica in my ear :) she has very very brown eyes and likes to correct my spelling.

and apperently her name means "sheltered town"... but i swear she was named after a car.
That shelby just drove past me, her harmonica burst my ear drums!
by mrkbab February 03, 2009
1. A person who is shielded from the world
2. A person who 'seems' emo and looks like they have black hair, but none of these things are true even though many say they are.
3. Someone who wants to have many babies with unnamed mates.
4. The act of getting scared and laughing so hard that you pee yourself.
1. Me: "Shelby, my friend Wanda has a fish taco, but I don't know how to tell her without sounding rude."
Shelby: "A fish taco?"

2. Person 1: "Alcia is emo because she wears skinny jeans and her hair is black."
Person 2: "Paris wears skinny jeans, but doesn't Alcia have brown hair?"


4. Mary got so scared during the movie that she made a Shelby and wet herself all over while laughing.
by Sultry Bitch April 05, 2008
1.Shelby is a big bitch, with huge boobs, talks behinds peoples backs and macks everyone in the world.

2.A very beautiful girl, who cries when people like Billy Mays die. Caring sensitive, but can be a real asshole.
1. I cannot believe Shelby, she's such a slut.

2. Shelby cries when weird celebrities die. Such a goon.
by niggahwhattt June 29, 2009

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