Projecting the image of taking charge of your life after obvious public blunders in offensive measures that others view as boisterous ranting and unnecessary ego stroking.
Harley realized that his career and family life was on the downslide and instead of owning up to his sloppy drunken staggering in front of his coworkers, he began Sheening on everyone...loudly explaining to everyone how important he was to the survival of the company and how they all owed him for their success.
by Exmortal March 09, 2011
Top Definition
A 72 hour or more hooker, alcohol and blow extravaganza, sometimes ending in a hospital stay and/or death. Referencing the amazing behavior of the actor Charlie Sheen.
Oh, man, I was sheening like a total muthaf*^ker!
by Chef Mojo January 29, 2011
Fucking up while drunk, stoned or otherwise out of control due to intoxicants, uppers, downers or whatever'rs.
Dude, I really going for it tonight. If I start sheening please drag me out before I get my ass kicked or busted.
by Dan Quan March 08, 2011

...1. the act of raging wildly(with or without cocaine and porn stars)
2. the act of mentally converting your bi-polar disorder to bi-winning

3. winning at life
4. being a warlock
5. taking enough drugs to kill an elephant
*1. "Dude, I just blew a 7 gram rock. Straight up Sheening tonight!"

*3,4,5. "Did you see that kid last night? Fucker kicked like 12 cars, totally Sheening."
by Jack Sparkfist March 07, 2011
1.When somebody gets really crazy to the point that Charlie Sheen would be intimidated by them.

2.Can also be used as (Person's name) Sheen.
1.Did you run into jim at all last night?
That animal came out to play for sure. He was sheening.

2.Squidward is going hard tonight, to the point that Squidward Sheen might make an appearance
by RonaldDiaz March 13, 2014
1. A state of mind where one thinks they are winning when in actual fact they are not. Similar to that of Charlie Sheen or Lady Gaga.
2. A state of delirium in which people may confuse themselves with Charlie Sheen.
1. "Jessica is so sheening. Like her parents only own one Ferrari".
2. "Leave Jehesophat alone, he's in a state of sheening".
by Phillipious May 16, 2011
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