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Reffering specifically to musicians
but can be used for any subject

Sheddin' is used to describe an evolution of skill or to practice to another level of skill
I was sheddin' my guitar all night to learn that new riff of that one song
by Liam_after_Wil January 10, 2009
basically, hysterically crying. or just crying really. doesn't have to be hysteric.
joe: didn't hand my biology homework in. davies gave me a detention so my dad said i can't go out with you guys tonight.
jack: ha! sheddin mate.

hannah's boyfriend dumped her by leaving a sticky note on her front door. she was proper sheddin.
by ..m January 21, 2010
"Sheddin" a term that is commonly used among musicians that in some circles may be referred to as a "jam-session". Sheddin is underground music jargon that artists use to reference a gathering of musicians.
Jake: "yo man you got your guitar? Lets go sheddin'!"
by jbird215 March 02, 2010
gettin high in a shed

also see dockin' or deckin'
i like to go sheddin'
by nigga k lou November 14, 2004