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Shed Baby is a person who is so fucking stupid that they must have been born and raised in a shed. The way they talk and represent themselves is absolutly retarded. The questions they ask let you know they are probably a shed baby.
Girl is in a restaurant and she says: "Where do ya'll get yo chickens? Are they in yo kitchen? It's the best damn piece of chicken I ever bit on."
That's a shed baby!!!!
by thumper rojo January 18, 2011
Shed Baby A person who says or does something that is so stupid that you would think they were born and raised in a shed.
A girl is in a restaurant eating and says to the waitress, damn where do yall get yo chickens from. Thats the best damn chicken i ever bit on....
Thats a shed baby!!!!
Can I have a half a pound of the Black Forest Ham. which black forest did the ham come from?
Thats a Shed Baby!!!!
by thumper roho January 18, 2011
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