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(Pronounced 'shu boo eee'), adj.

A term which captures the aspirational concepts of fake elegance, pretense on a budget and middle class affectation.

Further refined by "low" and "high" shebue.
They are getting married at the W Hotel? How shebue!

She bought her kitchen light fixtures at Restoration Hardware. Really? She is so shebue.

This guy I met on match.com met me for coffee at Panera. He was cute but totally shebue.

Other examples of shebue:
Downtown Bethesda, MD
Cooking Shows: low---Rachel Ray, high---Giada de Laurentis.
The Bush White House at Christmastime.
The Napa Valley.
Being from Buffalo and having a Southern accent.
Wearing polo shirts, ties, belts etc from clubs you, your parents or your grandparents do not belong to.
by Allworthy October 07, 2009