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An elite high school located in the city's north side. It is the school district's flagship campus, and receives a large amount of funding. The school is also known for its famous EXPO fair which showcases the magnificence of the school.

Sheboygan North High School has graduated several Ivy League bound seniors in the last 8 years, and its students have won prestigious awards such as the Intel Science Talent Search.
"My son will be attending Brown this year, thanks to his education at Sheboygan North High School."
by shoreken September 01, 2012
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An outstanding high school located in Sheboygan's North Lakefront part. The school is one of two high schools in the district, however it is the better school that receives more funding than Sheboygan South High School.

Sheboygan North is well known for its academics and EXPO which occurs every year in May. The school has a strong FBLA team that consistently sent members to nationals. Academics are also strong in the area. Several AP and honors courses are provided by the school. Also, the school is the only high school in the area to provide the ACT exam.

The majority of the students come from some kind of money. Don't be surprised the occasional Audi or BMW in the parking lot.

Students that aren't degraded by the school's educational system (i.e. put into the basement) usually are able to enroll into 4 year universities. Those that spent their time smoking pot, constantly drinking, or acting like wannabe rednecks usually just end up no where.

As for the rest of the majority that makes it somewhere, Sheboygan North High School is a good name to put on any college application. After all, you could've gone to Central or √Čtude.
I went to Sheboygan North High School. Yes bitch, be jealous.
by lisa99 December 12, 2012
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School on the northside of Sheboygan in Wisconsin. Home to the senior bitties, and known for its attractive senior males in the class of 2011. There is not much to do at the school besides walk around aimlessly and lay stink bombs in the hallways. About 90% of the student population are drug users. In need of more attractive, younger teachers.
I go to sheboygan north high school and their is nothing to do.
by ddawggg February 16, 2011
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