A bitch. Used primarily when trying to sound like a pirate.
Aargh, ye scurvy she dog! Why don't ye show ol' Captain Jack yer booty?
by aaronak May 02, 2006
Top Definition
She-dog is an old southern expression used to infer a particular woman is like a female dog - and will "do it" with practically any male that comes along. (i.e., a slut).
Usage: I don't know how John Mike can trust any of those young-uns are his, that wife of his ain't nuthin' but an old she-dog.
by BearLite July 03, 2013
An ugly, very mean or rude woman.
Dan: What a shedog!
Jack: I know! She's one ugly bitch!
by LavaGirl GAH! October 07, 2006
a girl who looks really ugly
Look at that ugly girl she must be a she dog
by me April 19, 2003
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