Groovy; to bang
That lava lamp is totally shazz man. I shazzed her at the party.
by Jack Stein April 07, 2009
Top Definition
Stuff. Objects or elements that need not be described directly. Related to the concept of shit.
Grab your shazz and let's go
by Errant July 23, 2004
A slang term for semen
Zach Newman likes to drink shazz
by BEWBS:Ddddddd January 09, 2013
Shitty weed similar to reggie or schwag.
Yo I was trying to buy some bizzle and all i could find was shazz.
by DA DROUGHT 3peat May 25, 2009
A more obscure version of shizzle.
Shazz ma boots!
by Jesska March 24, 2004
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