The battle cry of an ejaculating male, exclaimed during his climax, regardless of the sex act in question.
"Oh shit baby, slow down, oh, oh,...SHAZAAM! Fuck baby; sorry about the shazzizm in yo' eye.
by Dan Holden August 18, 2006
word with no apparent meaning but its just real fun to say! can be abbreviated by saying "shazzles"
SHAZAAAAAAAM!!! (i have to type random things because they said my example was too short so lalalalalalalalala!)
by *Bubbles* November 26, 2003
When a guy is hooking up with a girl and when the guy is having an orgasm he screams out "SHAZAAM" as he is nutting so that everyone in the vacinity hears that he just got some ass.
Creators:Justin and Jack
hahaha huhuhu hahaha "SHAZAAM!!!" gotcha bitch!
by GANZO N MEHOFF N NOVO October 13, 2007

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