Shayla's are unbeliveably gorgeous. They often denys this, but everyone sees their beauty shine as bright as the stars in the night sky. She makes a great bestfriend, shes loyal, goofy and crazy, and shes always herself no matter who she is around. Everyone loves her, and she has many, many friends. But, there is one person that she calls her bestfriend. Her bestfriend, is the luckiest person in the world. Shayla's usually have brown eyes and brown hair.

Summary -- Shayla's are absolutely gorgeous, crazy and overall the best people in the entire world . Get to know one, because you don't know what your missing out on!
Jacob- " See that girl over there? The gorgeous one with brown hair. Yeah, thats my girl. Her name is Shayla, and I'm the luckiest man on this earth to have someone as amazing as her. I would do anything for her."

Alex- "Dude, you are lucky. That girl is straight up GORGEOUS."

Jacob- "Dude, lay off. Shes mine."
by Hotttttyyyy babbbbbbyyyy ! April 14, 2011
Top Definition
A generally not so popular name, but none-the-less very exotic sounding! Shayla's usually tend to be very independent and gorgeous. Great style as well as personality. They will make you fall in love with their smile. Shayla's LOVE to joke around and just live life without caring what others think. Because of this many people respect them. A Shayla is definitly a trust-worthy friend for life.
Yup, that girl right there is DEFINITLY a Shayla, just look at her style.
by noodleniggah January 19, 2011
Witty,intelligent, and a sense of humor that will having you snorting coca cola right out of your nose. In most cases Shayla's are kick-ass runners who enjoy leaving others in the dust. Usually accident prone and sometimes clumsy. Most importantly Shaylas are exotic looking, gorgeous, and oh yeah HOT; usually end up marrying the likes of Ian Sommerhalder and Jensen Ackles look a likes.
Damn look at the girl go she must be a Shayla.

OMG Shayla is sooo good at explaing things--like stairs that aren't stairs.
by T-Rizzle77 April 28, 2011
Possibly the worlds cutest Gypsy. She listens to some terrible music (Hell yea by midnight red) but by summer, she will learn to listen good, chill music (Floats my Boat by A.E.R) Long talks on the phone will leave you tired in the morning, but she'll make up for it with that amazingly cute giggle and interesting/ completely false statements about the mating rituals of octuopus's. Her gorgeous brown eyes and amazin smile make it hard to look away. And when you do look away, your eyes will see a Grade A booty ;) Sadly, you will probably be too much of a dumbass to have properly asked her out yet. I suggest you find the cheesiest possible way to do it. Example of a cheesey and lame way to ask her out provided below
Shayla, will you goes to the out with me??
by DaBEAST!! March 23, 2013
This is an average to tall girl. So beautiful! But she puts herself down, eventhough she has a boyfriend who loves her she still thinks that she isn't beautiful. All of her friends are jealous of her and she doesn't see it. She can move somewhere from miles away and everyone likes her in a day.
"I'm so jealous of Shayla, everyone likes hr
by Peekaboosquid February 21, 2015
Shaylas are typically the most beautiful women to ever grace our planet. They will usually be the girl of your dreams. Generally the funnest, funniest human beings you will ever meet. They tend to have the most gorgeous eyes and are quick to win anyone over with a smile. They favor tea over coffee and drink beer from a chalice. They tend to have their cupbords stocked with the appropriate items and make excellent soul mates. Just try to land one though, as they are notorious for appearing then disappearing, leaving a ovewhelming sense of wanting to those who are lucky enough to have crossed her path.
"I met the girl of my dreams!"

"Oh man, sounds like you've been bitten by a Shayla."
by DaddySooooLonglegs May 19, 2016
She is the most horrible person you never meet. You can never trust her. She will turn on you anytime of any day.
She is definitely a Shayla, did you see the way she talks about her.
by swagger_gurl 307 July 01, 2015
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