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First used in "Buy You A Drink" by T-Pain, a shawty snap is similar to a ginger snap in that it is a tasty cookie. However, it distinguishes itself by also wearing a thong and having a taste for champagne.
Shawty Snap (Yeah)
Shawty Snap
Young Joc (Shawty)
by Ellezors June 11, 2007
Term commonly used to pick up on bitches by Jhakeem Chambers
gurl-whats up with you
keem-trying get in you

gurl-oh ima put it on you
keem-shawty snap
by Brickset June 28, 2009
The phrase that you use if your a dumb wigger
Stupid Kid: Yo that kid almost ran me over, Shawty Snap!!!
by J-Seed July 10, 2008
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