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The fans of SHINee, abbreviation for SHINee World, their first album. The Sha stands for the first letter of SHINee in Korean while the Wol stands for the first letter of World in Korean as well.
The Shawol's official fan color is baby blue.
There are more international Shawols than Korean Shawols.
by ShawolStar<3 April 22, 2011
is referred to the fans of the boy-band, SHINee.

The "sha" part stands for "SHINee"
The "wol" part stands for "world"

So in essence, Shawol = SHINee World. And it describes a fan of SHINee.
Person: Hey, you're a fan of SHINee right?

Fangirl: HECK YEAH!

Person: So then are you a Shawol?

Fangirl: OH YEAH~! I'm a crazy Shawol.
by A VIP Shawol ELF October 19, 2010