A male being anally fucked by one male while another male fists him in the ass, while another male cums in his face.
My asshole was so loose this morning after those three dudes were shawning me last night.
by Ashley from the Gym August 18, 2009
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verb. liking multiple people; not being able to decide between crushes; being a dickhead; being a serious flirt
Guy: I like you.
Girl: I like you too!
Guy: But I don't want to date you yet I have to decide between Jessica, you, Molly and Taylor. Sorry.
Girl: You're a shawning dickhead!
by shawning.ashul101 November 14, 2008
Shawning; Adjective

(To Shawn, Shawning) Sh-awh-n

To ignore the world around you, generally even family and a significant other, and consume yourself in video games.
-This guy was shawning all night last night, his girlfriend was bored as hell-
by InternetReality February 26, 2014

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