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A large human being, we are still unsure of the gender or race, or whether it can actually exert any emotion whatsoever. Can be found talking about themselves excessively, usually via facebook. A tad dellusional, and does not recognize their weight issue. Spends time with other unidentified creatures, one of which resembles a giraffe and has been alleged to be the devils rape baby. A creature so disgusting that even their own mother has difficulty accepting. Even their own intensines have began to self destruct because they do not want to be a part of such evil. An creature so demonic that if you spot it, its your duty as a citizen to call the authorities, and have it removed from your city immediately. Banned in all 50 states, and in all 10 provinces and 3 territories. And in Mexico, and parts of Peru...
Judge (speaking about Jeffery Dalmer): I hear he had sexual realatons with Shawnelle right before he lost his mind and ate those prostitutes.

Jacqui (devils rape baby): Yes that is true. He's with my father now.
by fapfapdrunkfap May 16, 2011
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