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A public school in Overland Park, KS.
Mascot: Raiders
Student Body: Primarily preppy, slutty, judgmental assholes. The guys are too sports obsessed and only focus on getting some surely STD infested ass.
The girls are pig-nosed, fake bake bitches, whose primary food source comes from inside the pants of the guy population.

Somewhere, lost amongst the crowd, are the few that are just trying to get by, and the only people actually worth talking to.
With such a diverse student body, you'd think that Shawnee Mission South would be filled with more accepting people. Not so, most of them are assholes.
by pooooopooooopooooopoooopooop November 15, 2010
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somehow called "one of the best schools in the country". Shawnee mission south is full of druggies and stuck up douchebags (this is coming from a current freshman at south).
If any other definition says that the school is wonderful and one of the best they are full of shit. The nerds are probably some of the best people you'll meet at this school because EVERYONE ELSE HAS THEIR HEAD UP THEIR ASSES!Not to mention the fact that the druggies smoke pot at the bus stops. If you have a choice in going here stay the fuck away!
full of life freshman or new kid, Hey I hear Shawnee mission south is wonderful, school is going to be so wonderful

that same person at the end of his or her first year there, I hope this gets dragged down to hell and raped by a tentacle monster!
by mitchel1497 May 11, 2012
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The Home of the Raiders. I'm not saying we're the best, but if you look up the definitions of the other Shawnee Mission schools,Shawnee Mission East,Shawnee Mission West,Shawnee Mission North, and Shawnee Mission Northwest, you'll see they bag on every other school except South. The golden years of South sports have passed with the exception of a kick-ass cross country team. South doesn't necessarily fit in typical school stereotypes, we draw off the best, and sadly, the worst aspects of each school in the district. Yes we have our druggies, (North) our alcholic rich ass holes, (East) our racial minorities, (West) our sluts, our jocks, our gays, and our man-whores. But believe it or not the majority of our student body are good people who respect their teachers, school, and pears. Add to this an undying sense of school loyalty and a fierce rivalry with Shawnee Mission East and you get the genious, creative, athletic, determined school that is Shawnee Mission South.
Shawnee Mission South, a great school to go to, simple as that.
by SMSchoirboy October 21, 2011
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